Ch Thornwood's Dressed For Success

Prelim OFA Hips Good   Elbows Normal   OptiGen Clear   EIC Clear   CNM Clear   Degenerative Myelopathy Clear   Ret Dysplasia 1 Clear  
HNPK Carrier   Skeletal Dysplasia Clear   Dilute Clear   Copper Toxicosis Clear   CERF Clear 10/29/17

Pure for Chocolate

Thornwood's Dressed to Enchant MBISS SGCH Am Asia Ch Thornwood's Dressed to Thrill Ch Thornwood's Resolution
Ch Thornwood's Singular Sensation
Thornwood's Anticipation Ch Thornwood's Resolution
Thornwood's Silhouette
Willcare's Sweetheart at Thornwood Ch MajestxWilcare Call Me Mr Tibbs Bonaventure Lubberline Viscount
Willcare's Promises Kept
Twin Cedars Miss Lexi Ch Liberty Crk Sound of Silence
Twin Cedar's Caneal Cadillac

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